Friday, March 19, 2010

Yianni's first blog post!

Geez, Sam's been having all the fun writing these blog entries...I want a piece of that action!

We've been getting a lot of mail recently asking us what's keeping us sane on the road, what we're listening to, what we're reading, etc. I decided that instead of responding to each letter or email individually, I'd just work up a travel-playlist of sorts and post it on our new blog. Hope this answers your questions!

Top music:

5. The soundtrack to Tron - We played with a band from Olympia called "Lazer Zeppelin" and they had these awesome lathe-cut laser discs that you could play on a record player and it reminded me of Tron which is the first film that I ever owned on laser disc so we've been rocking that one a lot, iPod style, obvs.

4. Cumbia mix-tape given to us by Markly of Brown Interior/Lazer Zeppelin. Totally primo tunes. I kinda get a weird ethnic vibe from this stuff. I feel like the cats in LZ totally pick up on that too. I don't know what all the lyrics mean but my friend Markly from Lazer Zeppelin said he'd translate them for me after one of his SXSW shows with Lazer Zeppelin.

3. "Cigarettes, Whisky and Wild Wild Women" as performed by Jim Croce (ever since we heard Lazer Zeppelin playing this one, it's been stuck in my head on repeat!). The original really rocks but I think I might like the way that Lazer Zeppelin do it a little bit more. Maybe it just sounds more current?

2. "Highway Hypnosis" by Lazer across the country for five months and you'll know what highway hypnosis is all about! Now that's what I call, "highway hypnosis!" Seriously though, when I hear this song by Lazer Zeppelin, it just makes me think of the highway and I we've run into those guys so many times on this tour that it kinda makes me feel like being hypnotized by the highway might not be that bad! Highway Hypnosis.

1. Led Zeppelin IV - we saw a laser-light show version of this album in its entirety in Tucson and it totally re-perspective-ised the whole thing for me...did you know "Stairway" is LOTR-based? Somebody told me that it came out before the movies did but I don't know how that could be possible.

More updates from SXSW to come!

UPDATE: Sleeping on the Road

Sometimes when you haven't a home and you're in a band you have to sleep on the road -- literally! Tonight I'm going to sleep in the van. If you're in a band and don't have a a van you might have another kind of car. That car might be a Honda station wagon. I know a band called Lazer Zeppelin and they have one of those. There's even a box on top for storage!

First Blog! SXSW 10

SXSW is a festival in a state called Texas. We are here and having a lot of fun shows here! My friend Alex is in a band called Lazer Zeppelin. She is at the SXSW as well. She sent me a text message:

"Well I'm in Austin but everyone else is an hour out and we have dinner date w my parents tonight. See you later on?"

Austin is a town in Texas. Austin is the town where SXSW happens. Alex and Lazer Zeppelin are here. We saw them in California. It was fun!

Here is where you can see Lazer Zeppelin's blog:

They have heaps of neat pictures and funny sayings.

Here are more pictures of Lazer Zeppelin, so you know who they are: